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Amy Welborn is the author of a popular Catholic blog as well as several books including De-coding Mary Magdalene and De-Coding Da Vinci (Both available in our Halo Store). In addition to her regular columns for The Florida Catholic, Our Sunday Visitor and Catholic News Service, her writing has also appeared in the New York Times, Commonweal, First Things and Writer's Digest.
May 10th, 2005
Fact, fiction and fantasy regarding Mary Magdalene
The Da Vinci Code purports to tell us a lot of things about various subjects: Renaissance art, the ministry of Jesus, the Emperor Constantine and geography of Paris, among others. It is, of course, wrong about most of these things, as it is deeply wrong about one of the figures central to the novel’s plot: Mary Magdalene. Novel Assertions According to The Da Vinci Code, Mary Magdalene was: -the consort of Jesus, -his chosen successor, -the mother of his child, -the real Holy Grail (because she literally carries the “blood” of Jesus within her in the form of that child), -an embodiment of the “sacred feminine” and -a goddess of some sort. Further, the novel asserts that Christianity…
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