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Dr. Ashley Simons-Rudolph is an adjunct professor of psychology at American University Cairo, an online instructor of Women's and Gender Studies at North Carolina State University, and a happy wife and mother of two adorable children. She and her husband came to Cairo on a dare and unintentionally fell in love with its people and its culture. She encourages all young people to serve the parts of the world that need serving because if it's easy, someone else can do it.
February 9th, 2011
Revolution from another perspective
I didn’t think Revolution would feel like this. John Lennon, Tracy Chapman and other artists have made it sound so upbeat, so sure of its legitimacy, and so containable in a three-minute music track. The reality is unsure, insecure, and very much “watch and wait.” There are the usual runs to the banks, the stocking up on four liters of milk and all of the rice that could possibly be eaten in a year. There was the filling of the bathtub with fresh water. The preparations — endless preparations — for that which we hoped would never come. Except we did want it to come. Everyone did. Egyptians are starving and dying from preventable and treatable diseases. The trash here is literally smothering…
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