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Beth Ford is a recent graduate of the Washington Theological Union. She works in campus ministry at St. Joseph's University.
July 10th, 2006
Some suggestions on how you can help fight the global climate crisis
Caring for the environment is not just for tree-huggers and hippies. It is not just for certain congressional committees. It is not just for the church, synagogue, and mosque-goers. It is an issue we all need to be concerned about. Through the actions we take and the choices we make the greatest resource we have to combat this catastrophe is ourselves. Here are some suggestions (slightly modified) from An Inconvenient Truth’s website, as well as links to both religious and scientific sites that cover the issue of global warming in great detail. 11 Things You Can Do (Individually and as Communities) 1. Spend some time in nature. Oftentimes we don’t spend time to appreciate the beauty around us. This…
July 4th, 2004
Al Gore goes global in this powerful documentary on the climate crisis
One of the most provocative experiences to be had in a movie theater this year is not really a film at all but more like the most frightening power point presentation you’ll ever see. Former Vice President Al Gore is our guide to An Inconvenient Truth, an urgent hike through the past, present, and projected future of our globe’s climate crisis. The man once criticized for being aggressively bland has returned to the public eye re-energized as a passionate advocate for an issue he’s been talking about for years: human consumption has put the future of the earth’s environment at stake. Though some might quibble over Gore’s motives, the scenarios he describes are terrifyingly real…
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