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Bobby Dallas is a rising senior at Fordham University who often finds himself working with social media. He also enjoys and regularly indulges in college acapella, British pop music, and anything related to Tina Fey.
July 31st, 2013
“Anger is seldom without reason, but never a good one.” — Benjamin Franklin The lights of Piccadilly Circus whirled by at a steady pace as I led the small group of choir students down the side streets of a post-midnight London. I was appointed leader out of everyone in the group since I had already lived in the city for six months. Because the choir was only there for a few days, I thought that a low-key evening of clubbing would be a nice way to get exposure to a more accurate picture of London, beyond postcards of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. While we had fun over the course of the night, there was one major problem. One of the members of the group was particularly convinced that his prowess exceeded…
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