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Brittany Janis, 25, is Busted Halo's development director.
December 16th, 2010
The most valuable gifts don’t involve frantic trips to the mall
Christmas without spending money, to some, may seem like an impossibly stingy suggestion. However I can guarantee that these five tips will both make your Christmas season less hectic, and probably enrich others much more than anything you can buy at Best Buy.
October 26th, 2010
How to make Halloween more fun and less foul
It may sound blasphemous, or at least juvenile, but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Not that it has anything on Christmas, but it's definitely in my top three. When I started my life in the ''real world," especially when I began working at Busted Halo®, I was shocked by some of my coworkers' low opinions of this day of mirth and mischief. I grew up in a family of theater people and always loved the fun of getting dressed up and playing crazy characters. So a day when such things were actually encouraged (and rewarded with candy) was always a boon for me (as opposed to the other 364 days when I was just a little strange). But, after spending my first Halloween in NYC I could begin to understand some of the resentment harbored by the Halloween haters against the Halloween hoes. Halloween in New York is totally other. I have never seen a more drunken debaucherous crowd of naughty nurses, sexy kittens, and dirty [insert anything else you can think of]s in my life. It was disgusting, a little disturbing, but more than anything else, disheartening. What happened to the creative, good wholesome fun I had loved so much as a child?
March 2nd, 2010
No one's perfect... just start fresh today
I have something to confess… It was late, I was out, I was hungry, and nothing else was open, so I went into a pizza shop looking for some garlic knots, which they were out of, and found myself confronted with pizza (cue the lightening flash and horror music), or a really old looking iceberg lettuce salad that was browning around the edges. As the man on the other side of the counter growled, “You’re holding up the line,” I slipped! (Metaphorically. I didn’t actually fall.) So I confess it… I chose the pizza. I justified it by saying it was Sunday technically, since it was after midnight on Saturday, and therefore not part of my 40 day cheese sacrifice. Still, I slipped — phew —…
January 21st, 2010
Follow Brittany, Samuel and Shiloh's video blog as they meet Busted Halo readers and listeners across America
Check the map for Brittany, Samuel and Shiloh’s route! #16 Meet Deacon Jack Orlandi The gang stop by Penn State University before Kate and Sam fight it out. #15 Meet Steve Bauer and Dustin Rhodes Steve and Dustin discuss their love for Busted Halo and where Steve finds God. #14 Shiloh smells bears. The gang encounter a bump in the road and bears near their campsite. #13 Busted Halo cofounder Fr. Brett Hoover, CSP Fr. Brett fills us in on what he’s up to. #12 Meet Fr. Al Moser, CSP Father Al discusses what drew him to become a priest after serving in WWII. #11 Meet Jack Liu Jack shows Brittany around UC Berkeley’s campus and talks about being Catholic in Taiwan and where he finds God. #10 Two words: clown…
April 8th, 2009
Without eating your weight in Peeps
My freshman year of college I was irate. After twelve years of Catholic school I expected some sort of vacation at Easter. My secular college however had no intention of living up to that expectation. It was eye opening that first year to realize that, not only was there no vacation, no one even acknowledged that Easter was on its way. In high school, Easter had always been a time to celebrate. (If nothing else, to celebrate the end of Friday fish fry lunches.) On Easter morning, following a huge post-church family brunch, I remember gorging on chocolate bunnies (especially their ears), Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, PEEPs and other assorted sweets, usually giving myself a stomach ache as I cast off the forty-some…
February 10th, 2009
Recession friendly ideas for love without money
Just because Valentine’s Day is traditionally one of the more tawdry holidays, that doesn’t meant that we can’t redefine it and genuinely celebrate the relationships and love we share, whether or not we have a significant other. So, I asked some of my friends for suggestions of ways to celebrate the relationships in our lives — without spending too much money, or turning to the trashy — and they came up with five great ideas that will make any Valentine’s Day wonderful.
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