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Cara O'Brien is a daily newspaper reporter in Northern Colorado. Her previous freelance work appeared in the Syracuse New Times' Family Times magazine.
February 16th, 2009
Christians grapple with the messages in this teen generation's defining book
“He grinned his crooked smile at me, stopping my breath and my heart. I couldn’t imagine how an angel could be any more glorious.” Bella never had a chance. The protagonist of the breakout bestselling young adult novel Twilight falls in love under the gray, rain-soaked skies of Washington State unthinkingly and unerringly. It’s just too bad her love is a 108-year-old vampire. Twilight is the first of a four-part series by Stephanie Meyer and has spawned a blockbuster movie and millions of swooning fans; the movie grossed over $35 million its first day in the theaters and more than $300 million worldwide over the course of its run. Much to the delight of fans, producers are currently casting…
November 18th, 2008
A young bride-to-be struggles over God's place in her wedding ceremony
The women sitting behind my mother were horrified. They had just heard the wedding vows of a radiant young couple, vows that included no mention of God or any church. They began whispering and tsk-ing halfway through the vows, and didn’t let up. Hearing this story made me think about my own vows. I’m just beginning to plan my wedding and, as a writer, I feel obligated to write my own vows. But I haven’t decided, just yet, what or who might go in them, or what or who might not. Once firmly in the realm of houses of worship, wedding ceremonies have moved outdoors, out of the box and out from under the robes of the church. But not every couple married in a church is deeply religious. Not every couple married…
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