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Cari Noga is a graduate of Marquette University and a freelance writer living in Michigan.
August 25th, 2006
First day of school... an everyday faith
Maddie starts kindergarten this year. Maddie is my oldest niece. She’s also my goddaughter, and I wanted to send her something to commemorate her first day at her parish elementary school in another state. So I went shopping at my local Christian bookstore for the first time. After considerable browsing, I picked out a devotional book. But while a book seemed appropriate for a first day of school, it didn’t quite fulfill the purpose I had for the gift. I wanted it to be relevant to my role as godmother and the beginning of Maddie’s Catholic education. The book certainly met those purposes. But I also wanted her to like it, in the non-dutiful sense of liking something. The kind of like that inspires…
July 10th, 2006
Baptizing my son was an awakening for me
My husband says being Catholic, for him, is like being gray-haired or left-handed. It’s self-evident, fundamental to who he is, but not something he wants to display on a T-shirt or a bumper sticker. Though I’m still brunette and a righty, I agree. Faith proclamations and demonstrations always make me feel uncomfortable. I haven’t liked walking around with ashes on my forehead since leaving Sacred Heart Elementary in sixth grade. Even saying grace at a group meal feels awkward. Maybe it’s my training as a journalist, a profession that instills skepticism, but the pews at Mass are the most public place I care to display my faith. And as far as church attendance goes, if something else…
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