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Chad Houston graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Theology in 2008. He has been working for the university since the age of 15, and is now striking out into the world to gain a deeper knowledge of himself and learn as much as he can from the writers and readers of Busted Halo.
August 7th, 2012
Penn State was a place so honored and revered that it became known as Happy Valley. The entire university built up an image of unfaltering prestige and loyalty. “Success with honor” was the football program’s slogan. That image has been destroyed.
April 2nd, 2012
It’s game time. Tonight is the NCAA Men’s Tournament Championship Game. Over the weekend Kentucky was victorious over Louisville in the bluegrass battle and Kansas edged out Ohio State. Unfortunately, not a single religiously affiliated school made it through to the Final Four in the men’s tourney. The NCAA Women’s Tournament was a different story. Baylor (Baptist) and Notre Dame (Catholic) overpowered their opposition — Stanford and UConn, respectively — to land in the women’s championship game. Men’s Recap The weekend started with Kentucky handling Louisville fairly easily. The game was close for a quick spurt during the second half and was briefly tied, but for the most part…
March 22nd, 2012
A March Madness update and a look at the ethics and morals that “rule” college basketball
For updated Catholic Bracketology -- men's and women's -- go to www.bustedhalo.com/catholic-bracketology.March Madness continues and I can hear brackets busting all over the country. I doubt that very few people predicted the outcomes of last Friday’s games. As of right now my bracket is fine, but I have already lost two of my final four teams and will therefore struggle mightily as the tourney continues. As you already know there are several religious institutions in the men’s and women’s tournaments this year, and some of them are doing quite well. Three such schools have made it into the Sweet 16 — Baylor, Marquette, and Xavier. Unfortunately, this number is guaranteed to shrink…
March 18th, 2012
March Madness with a Catholic twist (UPDATED BRACKETS)
Football season is over, the start of the baseball season is still a month away, and yet this is my favorite time of the sports year — March Madness. Aside from the joy I get from any use of alliteration, the NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament offers 68 different teams the opportunity to compete for the championship trophy. (Scroll down to read the rest of the article!) Click the bracket below to view a larger version or if you’d like, click here for a downloadable PDF. And click here for the women’s bracket. It is not unusual to see schools with religious associations competing extremely well during the college basketball season and championship tournament. That’s not the case in college…
September 16th, 2011
Here we go, it’s just about fall, and that means it’s football time. College football is quickly becoming the new religion in this country, and there are those who live and die by the success or failure of their beloved football teams. Thousands upon thousands of “parishioners” attend football services every Saturday during the fall, not to bow at the altar, but to stand in the bleachers and cheer on their personal saviors who believe they can lead their team to the promised land of a national championship. Having personally witnessed this strange worship as an alumnus and employee of the University of Notre Dame, I have become acutely aware of the mix of spirituality and college football that I believe…
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