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Christopher J. Devron, SJ, is a Jesuit priest who is the director of REACH, a program of Regis High School (NYC), that recruits and prepares middle school students from low-income backgrounds for scholarships at Regis and other top Catholic high schools in New York City.
May 5th, 2006
Discovering the Mystery of Easter in the new documentary about Fr. Mychal Judge
CNS Photo Last week a friend invited me to attend the world premiere of the film Saint of 9/11, a documentary that tells the story of Father Mychal Judge, Franciscan Friar, who served as chaplain to New York City Fire Department and died in service on September 11, 2001. On his death certificate, Father Judge was listed as “0001”—the first victim of 9/11. While I knew some of the bare facts regarding his death and had seen the now-famous photograph of his body being carried, pieta-like, from the wreckage of the Twin Towers, I had no knowledge about his life prior to that terrifying disaster. The film was a masterpiece, and I recommend it to any Catholic, any Christian, or, for that matter, anyone…
January 16th, 2006
The challenge of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.
By 1967, Martin Luther King had already been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his leadership in overturning the vicious Jim Crow laws that denied African-Americans their God-given freedom and equality by forcing them to live a separate and unequal existence, whether on buses, in schools or in most other public places. We know the story, Amen? In the year 1967, US citizens who were previously denied the right to vote through all manner of unjust poll tests were now allowed to cast their ballot free of the raced-based discrimination that plagued many Southern precincts. We know the story, Amen? In 1967, because of Martin’s movement, young African-American high school students could think, for the first…
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