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Dan Twohig is a writer -- and Jets fan -- living in Brooklyn, NY.
January 15th, 2003
Leaving the Field and Stalling on the Couch
Every January, millions of Americans, as well as millions around the world, will come together in homes, bars, and clubs to celebrate what is called the greatest sporting event of the year . Of course I am talking about the Super Bowl , that annual display of athleticism where 80 conditioned men put their hearts and souls into a game they love, all the while being watched by millions upon millions of people, many of whom probably could not tell you the last time they themselves picked up any ball, let alone a football. That is the great irony of the Super Bowl. While bringing together the best two teams of athletes that the NFL can produce (at least during this particular year), showcasing their talent and abilities, the…
November 19th, 2002
Across the Lines Beer Unites Us
Some people hate it, some people love it. Some people call it an evil in our society, while others revel in it. No, I am not talking about reality television. I am talking about that usually amber liquid known as beer. About a month ago, around the world, people celebrated this wondrous concoction during the Oktoberfest celebration. In the spirit of those festivities, I am not going to write about the history of beer. Nor will I write any in-depth analysis of how it is brewed. Finally, I won’t even write about the differences between the various forms that this elixir can take. Rather I will keep this simply to why I personally enjoy the “fruit of the hops.” Now, being of Irish heritage, some may claim…
September 11th, 2002
Choosing Not to Be at Work 9/11
I will not be going into work on September 11th. I did not work in the Towers, or anywhere in the World Trade Center complex. I do not work for the FDNY or NYPD, and neither does anyone in my family. Neither my wife nor I directly knew anyone who died on September 11th last year. All in all, my wife and I were very lucky last year. So why am I taking off work on the first anniversary of the terrorist attack? Because even though none of the above scenarios apply to me, I was nonetheless closely affected by the events of that day, and still am. You see my office is about a mile or so north of the WTC site. I watched it all unfold from the relative safety of my office—the explosions, the fire, the debris, and eventually the collapse of…
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