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Fr. Dave Dwyer CSP is the Director of Paulist Young Adult Ministry and the host of the "Busted Halo Show" on Sirius satellite radio.
September 6th, 2007
You Can Do It!
So, What Exactly Is Podcasting? Not Just For iPods A podcast is like a radio show that you download from the internet and listen to either through your computer’s speakers, or with an iPod or other mp3 player.  A podcast is much like an audio magazine subscription: a subscriber receives regular audio programs delivered via the internet, and she or he can listen to them at her or his leisure.  Despite the name, be assured you do not need an iPod to listen to podcasts. They are popular for a number of reasons. The content is very niche-oriented, such that subjects that would never be of broad enough interest to warrant an entire show on a radio station may have dozens or even hundreds of podcasts devoted to them. Because…
September 6th, 2007
In Four Easy(-ish) Steps
If you would like to print out an overview of this 4-step process in a one-page handout, click here. STEP ONE: Record Yourself Preaching Use the “house sound system.” You may be able to record yourself by using a sound system already in place in the church or venue in which you’re preaching.  The upside of this method is that you don’t have to buy a voice recorder or microphone, don’t have to wear a second mic, and you might even be able to convince someone in the sound room or sacristy to start and stop recording at the right moment to eliminate the need for editing.  But it’s rare to find a church sound system set up to easily record on digital media (i.e., CD-R or CD-RW or direct…
July 3rd, 2007
Hot off the campaign trail, the Kansas senator discusses faith, evolution and running for president
CNS Photos Senator Sam Brownback is the Senior U.S. Senator from the state of Kansas. He is a devout Catholic and also a candidate for president of the United States. His very conservative stance on life issues, his refusal to separate his religious beliefs from his politics as well as his controversial response to a question about evolution at a recent Republican debate have all contributed to a gathering momentum in his campaign. Senator Brownback spoke to Fr. Dave Dwyer on the BustedHalo show on Sirius satellite radio just after returning from a four day, twenty-seven city campaign tour in Iowa. BustedHalo: Twenty-seven stops in Iowa sounds like a pretty extensive trip. How did it go? Senator Sam Brownback:…
May 22nd, 2007
The popular expert on the connection between mind, body and spirit visits the BustedHalo show on Sirius Satellite radio
Deepak Chopra is one of the world’s greatest leaders in the field of mind, body and medicine. The author of more than 50 books, Chopra is regarded as the pre-eminent authority of Eastern philosophy in the Western world. He has been a best selling author for decades whose writings have been translated into 35 languages. What many do not know is that Dr. Chopra was also the chief of staff at the Boston Medical Center and has long been revolutionizing common wisdom about the crucial connection between body, mind, spirit and healing. In his new book, The Buddha. A Story of Enlightenment. Dr. Chopra shows how the iconic journey of the prince who became the Buddha has changed the world forever and how the lessons he…
April 17th, 2007
The country music legend opines on God, politics and Bob Dylan
He’s a born again Christian who made his name in the 1970s with a song about the devil. He’s also a “Long Haired Country Boy” who is fiercely patriotic. Charlie Daniels’ 40-plus year career has never been short on contradictions so it came as no surprise that the Grammy-winning perfomer also wasn’t short on opinions either. Daniels recently sat down for an interview with Fr. Dave Dwyer during Fr. Dave’s daily “BustedHalo Show” on Sirius Satellite radio. BustedHalo: Now I know the tradition you were raised in was not Catholic, but you’ve got an experience of Catholicism. Charlie Daniels: Yes, I do and it was a very special experience, and it was…
September 6th, 2006
From the "Not Afraid to Blow Our Own Horn" Department
We at BustedHalo.com are committed to publishing stories that encourage and enhance the discussion of faith and culture. As our mission statement makes clear, we live in an age filled with seekers who are “desperately trying to find deeper meaning in their lives but whose journey has little to do with traditional religious institutions.” We often highlight the diverse lives and experiences of young adult “spiritual seekers” all over North America and around the world. But we don’t often take the opportunity to shine a light on one of our own. Which is why today I’d like to direct you somewhere else to read about a young adult we are very proud. Unless you’ve read our…
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