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David A. Zimmerman is an associate editor at InterVarsity Press. His book Comic Book Character will be released this winter.
April 13th, 2004
Spider-Man, the Punisher & the Ethics of Power
To those visiting theaters this summer but not part of the comic book crowd, Spider-Man (swinging in June 30, 2004) and The Punisher (onscreen April 16, 2004) will seem like two of a kind: tough guys who like to wear tights and take out the villains. To regular readers, Spider-Man and the Punisher could not be more different. Hero definitionTo Spider-Man, the Punisher’s violent vigilantism aggravates an already violent citywide crime culture; the Punisher sees Spider-Man as a weak-willed gadfly. Regular readers know that when these two meet, they will not likely be glad to see each other, for each has a radically different vision for how his power is to be used. In the beginnings…High school student Peter…
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