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Eileen Mitchell writes from Northern California.
May 13th, 2003
After a refreshing vacation, getting back into the swing of things that first Monday was jarring. Sluggish from a marathon of daytime TV, too much eating, and not enough exercise made the return to real life all the more difficult. And then. Thorn and drillI awoke to hear my dog, Elvis, whimpering in pain and licking his back paw. Attempts to check his paw were fruitless. He would bolt in pain, crying as if he’d been physically struck. That morning I had a dentist appointment to replace two fillings. Nothing like the whir of a dentist’s drill to start the day right. After the appointment I could rush back home, pick up Elvis and take him to the vet. When I called work to leave a voicemail that I’d be late,…
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