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Emma Baratta was a Busted Halo summer intern while she attended Columbia University.
August 9th, 2004
Confessions of an Online Gamer
Just after we graduated from high school, my friend Chris took me to see some young men I’d played the online game Everquest with but had never met in person. He pointed them out from across the food court and I had just half a moment to size them up before they came running over. Chris introduced me: “Guys, this is Moriex – I told you she was a girl!” There was a pause, and then one of them asked, “Oh my God…are you the elf?” There aren’t a lot of people who would eagerly answer that question in the affirmative, but I did. Moriex was my Everquest alter-ego, a cute female half-elf who accompanied these guys on their adventures through the imaginary world of the game. Everquest is…
July 20th, 2004
Busted Halo's intrepid intern reports back on her recent trip
Even in the middle of the noisy competition hall, with dozens of other swords clashing and thwacking, the sound of a saber blade breaking is unmistakable. Usually you stop to see that nobody was hurt, throw the ruined blade away, and just go on with practice. So it was strange, at a tournament in Havana in late June, to see a man in a Cuban National Team warm-up suit pick up a piece of my clubmate’s broken blade and then ask for the other half. “We weld them back together,” he explained. En garde I got my start fencing in a public high school, a fact that surprises some people since fencing is often perceived as an elitist sport mainly for the wealthy. Despite programs to attract inner city kids, that reputation…
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