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Eric Scheske writes from Michigan.
April 19th, 2004
Do We Want That Instant, Antisocial High to Be Legal?
You lookin’ for common ground between the political Left and Right? Go to your local pot dealer. You’ll find there the profit motive Republicans drool over, as well as the sybaritic pleasures Democrats long to embrace. You’ll also find a virtually untapped source of tax money to make both parties jitter. Among my acquaintances, most people—regardless of political affiliation—tend to approve of marijuana’s legalization. The actual possibility of its legalization depends in large part on whether people find it morally or socially acceptable. Law follows culture. If Prohibition didn’t work…People who favor legalization generally rely on the argument that marijuana…
February 19th, 2004
Same Sex Marriage and the Ailing State of Our Families
Of soccer and marriageMarriage is the union of man and woman aiming to form a family. That’s its essence—its minimum requirements—and we have a fundamental rule that goes with that essence—we can only recognize marriages between a man and woman. As a society we could change that rule. We could also change the rules of soccer to allow players to use their hands to control the ball. But then the game would no longer be soccer. I don’t know what you’d call it (rugboccer?), but the essence of soccer would be lost and, most fans would agree, the game would be ruined. The same goes for marriage and the family: change the essence, and they no longer exist. They would be ruined. The diseaseThat assumes,…
January 20th, 2004
Sport for Its Own Sake Despite the Hype
It rumbles near. The playoffs have ended, and the “Event,” the “All” soon arrives, on February 1st, only the second time the Super Bowl has been played outside of January. Why so late? Hard to say. The NFL season expanded to sixteen games back in 1978, and the NFL added a “bye” week in the 1980s, thus expanding the season. Those might be partial reasons. And, of course: There’s a two week delay this year between the conference championships and the Super Bowl. More hypeActually for years the NFL had a two-week delay before the Super Bowl, then it went to one week. I don’t know why it switched back to two weeks: Some of my friends speculate that it’s scheduling…
December 12th, 2003
J.R.R. Tolkien's Work and his Catholic Faith
When he was eight, his mother had to go back to work to support her children when an Anglican relative withheld financial support because of her conversion to Catholicism. (The establishment in England at this time was prejudiced against “popery” to an extent scarcely conceivable today.) The martyrFour years later, his mother—overworked and worn out from poverty and the emotional pressures of family members who continued to criticize her conversion—lapsed into a diabetic coma and died in six days. The boy was left in the care of Fr. Francis Morgan, a priest appointed by the mother to act as guardian. This orphan: J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Two obsessions…
November 1st, 2003
Kids Come From Sex, So Shouldn't More Be Better
When my wife and I had been married two years, people would ask me, “How long have you been married?” I’d hold up a pair of fingers and reply, “Two,” take a slight pause, and continue “long.” While holding my baby boy, people would walk up to me and say, “How many children do you want?” I’d look at them somberly and reply, “None.” Then there were sixAh, those fun days were ten years and six children ago. I now walk through life with four sons and two daughters, ages ten years to three months. This, of course, makes me something of a freak to contemporary ways of thinking. To mitigate this, I tell people, when asked how many children I have: “Four,…
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