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Jarrad Venegas is the Project Manager at Busted Halo.
May 5th, 2011
...without a trip to Taco Bell
I’ve never celebrated Cinco de Mayo. Granted, I didn’t know too much about the holiday, even while growing up in Texas. But I knew that getting drunk on Dos Equis and Corona didn’t seem to celebrate anything but ridiculous excessiveness. I just assumed it was Mexico’s version of St. Patrick’s Day. So when I met and married my wife, who was born in Mexico, I decided to take a more proactive approach about Mexico and its history. First and foremost, I asked what Cinco de Mayo meant to her. “We never celebrated Cinco de Mayo.” Jackpot! I knew I married the right girl! But digging deeper into its history and observance brought up a few very interesting things. Like my wife,…
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