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Jennifer Collins is a master’s candidate at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.
December 11th, 2006
A young journalist's reflections on a nation of contrasts and contradictions
As Cambodians visited temples and gave alms on their ancient day of the dead in September 2004, I was holding a diaperless newborn. I had been working for a newspaper in the county’s capital Phnom Penh for nearly all of 2004, when a colleague, Kuch Naren, invited me to her hometown for a weekend. The child was thrust into my arms by its grinning mother—Naren’s cousin—almost as soon as we entered the woman’s hut. Before moving to Phnom Penh, all I knew of Cambodia was from the film, The Killing Fields, which depicted the country’s genocide under the communist Khmer Rouge regime in the mid 1970s. This fall, a United Nations war crimes tribunal finally began investigating the…
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