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Jerry King writes occasionally for BustedHalo.
May 3rd, 2004
Confessing to Not Being in Your ‘Right' Mind
My biggest sin Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I last confessed on retreat a few weeks ago, but I unfortunately forgot one horrendous sin. I guess I didn’t realize how deeply in sin I was at the time (isn’t that always the case?) I’m a Democrat. Whew. It feels good to get this off my chest. I mean, I can deal with the fact that I often ignore the homeless on my way to work, and I’m glad the church isn’t thinking of refusing to give me communion because I think they’re dirty stinky people and I often don’t value their life as much as my own. But this Democrat thing….well I don’t quite know how I can ever expect God to forgive me of that. How can I ever be worthy to receive…
April 1st, 2003
Stalinist State May Dump U.S., Find New No. 1 Enemy
As the war in Iraq continued to rage, North Korea last week made some clear signs of its displeasure at being ignored by its traditional enemy, the United States. As news reports continued to leak that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il, has not appeared in public for more than 45 days, rumors circulated that the reclusive leader is actively courting new enemies for his country, a blatant jab at the U.S. for not fulfilling its duties as a good and faithful foe. The signs of this included a mysterious truckload of dead flowers delivered to Capitol Hill last Thursday with the simple message, “Won’t have us to kick round, Amerika,” written in English, Korean, and Swahili. When authorities attempted…
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