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Joe Hudson writes from Washington, DC.
May 28th, 2003
Wisdom Culled from a Family Brunch
Stories —there are so many of them in the world…everyone has one. I guess I first realized that while attending a college run by the Marianist religious order . They like to help everyone realize that we all have our own story. So I started wondering about my story and where it will end. After all, I only know it up to chapter 26, and how many total chapters there will be I have no idea. The great gatheringI just finished attending “the Easter brunch,” an annual gathering of relatives from my father’s side of the family . My trip home was a whirlwind tour—”Joe a palooza” as I described it to my sister. I have eight siblings and more cousins than I can count. We are a crazy, huge family.…
March 11th, 2003
South Texas to DC and the Challenge of Embracing Change
There were moments after arriving here in DC from rural south Texas that I felt I was dealing with a different animal altogether. After all, I exited the Farragut North subway station in the morning watching well dressed, perfect-looking people carrying their shoulder bags and slurping their lattes while chatting on their cell phones, presumably planning thhe next power lunch of the day. A long way from South Texas…It was a stark contrast from the world of farmers, housewives, and runny-nosed children in which I had existed the two years previously while teaching at a small Catholic school in South Texas. My previous days consisted of “morning prayer” and role call; then lunch counts and bathroom…
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