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Krista Peterson studied advertising and graphic design at a fine arts college in central Ohio. She is a web designer, copywriter, former teacher and impassioned advocate for nonprofit careers. Currently, she is working at Chicago Youth Boxing Club. One day she hopes to use her skills to further the education of inner city students through computer software technology.
October 13th, 2011
How a recent grad survived joblessness and found direction from a friend
After graduation, mascara barely dry from losing the remaining ties to my old life, I joined my former professor’s weekly networking group. I had been working a freelance job designing a website for the summer, but that had ended, and I’d just had my first job interview since graduation. They offered and I accepted without thinking. Before I knew it, I was sitting at a desk in an office caked with dust, repeating the copy/paste function for nine hours a day. I sat in a local café, beer in hand, and explained the first days of work to the group. I tried so hard to sound excited. “How much are they paying you?” everyone asked. My answer left them cold. I tried to tell myself that they didn’t know how…
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