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Lori Yacovone writes from New York City.
May 16th, 2004
How Urban Music Can Touch the Soul
Two months ago I became the managing editor of an urban music magazine, despite the fact that I know nothing about urban culture, hip hop, or rap. But that’s okay, since my job entails unhip tasks like managing the staff, taking care of budgets, and putting out the various fires that are ignited in an office setting. However… when I do read editorial copy for basic sense and style, I often feel left out because I’m not at all connected to what is a passion for most of the young, eager editors on my staff. Plus, this is a genre of music that always seems to be topping the album charts. I wanted to know more. A melting pot of sounds Like with modern art, where many pieces baffle some viewers, hip hop music is…
November 19th, 2003
If you think working out rivals a trip to the dentist, read on...
I, along with millions of others signed up for a gym membership last January. I’m also a health and fitness writer , though you’d never know it from the way I whine about that whole “no pain, no gain” clich. I guess it’s partly because it stinks to feel pressured into anything, and boy, is the pressure on to get into shape. Exercise lowers stress, but I’m stressed about exercising As recently as two weeks ago a report was released that stated the more vigorous the exercise you do, the more you lower your stress level . Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m terrified of going to a spinning class , not coordinated enough for a step class, and too easily bored by the treadmill.…
October 28th, 2003
Heroic Leadership : Lessons from one of the world's most successful companies
The new book Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450-Year-Old Company That Changed the World by Chris Lowney puts a new spin on the commonly discussed topic of leadership. The author, a Jesuit seminarian turned investment banker, believes there is much our modern corporate society can learn from these 16th century priests. In fact, Lowney refers to the Jesuits as a “company” and openly acknowledges that a term like that might at first make some readers skeptical. But the book carries us on a journey from the earliest days with founder Ignatius Loyola (who’s referred to as the company’s first CEO) to the Jesuits’ present status, all the while packing in the drama of a blockbuster…
August 20th, 2003
Acts of kindness and human nature collide in the Blackout
On August 14th, it seemed as though New York City had become a world where many of the usual rules didn’t apply�from walking in the middle of the street to offering a stranger a ride in your car. People tried selling flashlights for $50 apiece and water for $5. But more than anything else, we probably used our feet to get us farther than we’d gone in a long, long time. No need to rush There are only 12 blocks between my office and my boyfriend Andy’s apartment building in Times Square, but it took me a half hour to navigate my way through the maze of hot cars, horns blaring, and hot bodies pushing up against each other. When I entered his darkened lobby I almost collapsed. But I needed him to sign me in to get…
May 19th, 2003
A Word on Spectacle and Substance
When famed home run hitter Sammy Sosa got caught with a corked bat, it set off a flurry of accusations and controversy over dishonesty in major league baseball. Slammin’ Sammy (who finished his seven-game suspension last week) has always been known as one of baseball’s flashier players, but that was one time he probably wishes he could’ve sidestepped the spotlight. But Sosa’s error raises a question that transcends the ballfield. As a society, it’s as if we’ve become entranced by a spinning disco ball, which glitters and turns but never actually makes us feel like dancing. The long ball Today it seems, if it’s not a home run, it’s just not quite exciting enough.…
May 2nd, 2003
Climbing Out of the Generation Gap
Nearly 14 of us descended on a swanky inn and spa a couple weekends ago for a healthy getaway for women. The participants were divided pretty evenly between twentysomethings and fiftysomethings, all strangers to one another. At first, the age difference was obvious through more than just the design of our clothing or the style of our hair. “We’d have more in common with Martians.” This sentiment occurred to me during dinner on Friday night after we’d all settled in at the hotel. Two tables were set up adjacent to each other, and, in a seemingly natural flow of things, we sat in peer groups. At my table, we tiptoed around polite conversation. In the meantime, peals of uncontained laughter…
March 19th, 2003
And Other Workplace Self-Improvement Projects
Every year I give up chocolate for Lent�it’s a no-brainer for me. But this year I decided to raise the bar a little and get to the heart of something that’s been chipping away at me for some time: Work was becoming a negative influence in my life. I’d begun allowing myself to be overcome with frustration because of various stresses, ranging from long work hours to conflicts with coworkers. It was time to change my attitude about the place I spend such a large portion of my day. Become a duck Everyone reacts to stress differently. It was clear that everything and anything was getting under my skin. So I decided to become a duck . How? Well, rather than absorb every offhanded comment someone would make…
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