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Mark I. Pinsky, is a religion writer for the Orlando Sentinel and is author of The Gospel According to The Simpsons: BIGGER and Possibly Even BETTER! Edition (Westminster John Knox, 2007).
July 31st, 2007
Does Springfield Get Religion?
In a recent print “interview” with USA Today, Homer Simpson explains his theology this way: “Every time I see my sweet girl Lisa, I believe in God. Every time I see Bart, I believe in the devil.” Now, those of us who have seen the movie – contributing to a worldwide opening weekend box office of $168 million – know what he meant. Well, sort of… The Simpsons Movie is not about religion. Like the TV show, it is about a family and a community in which religion plays a part. But many of the spiritual elements present in the show’s past eighteen seasons are present in the movie, driving the plot and complicating the lives of the Simpsons family and the residents of Springfield.…
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