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Mary Beth Crain is senior editor at SoMAreview.com, where this essay originally appeared, and she is the author of A Widow, a Chihuahua, and Harry Truman: A Story of Love, Loss, and Love Again.
December 22nd, 2007
"A Christmas Carol" Lives On
If there’s one story everyone knows, it’s “A Christmas Carol.” The saga of the miraculous overnight transformation of the world’s meanest man into a grateful, humble, compassionate human being has touched untold millions—more like billions—of people since its publication 164 years ago. It hit the stands December 16, 1843, and within a week had sold 6,000 copies. What writer today wouldn’t kill for that kind of a success? “A Christmas Carol” has been so popular and enduring, in fact, that it’s become part of our very linguistic heritage. Expressions like “Bah, humbug!” and “God bless us, every one!” are…
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