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Michael Allen is a Southern California based freelance writer who has written for numerous publications, including Salon, Billboard and Reader's Digest.
January 10th, 2002
JC's Girls' unusual evangelization to the sex industry
“We got some other girls together and we went out to our first strip club.” It may sound like the beginnings of a wild bachelorlette party but in fact it is elementary school teacher Tanya Huerter’s recollection of the first step she and two other women from Southern California took toward creating an outreach to the adult entertainment industry. Huerter along with Lori Albee and Heather Veitch are the founders of JC’s Girls a ministry whose mission is to “seek to share God’s message of hope and forgiveness by reaching out in a nonjudgmental way to those who are in the sex industry.” The trio, who is affiliated with Sandals Church in Riverside, Ca, explodes any stereotype…
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