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Michael O’Connor has represented people on death row throughout the United States since his graduation from Yale Law School in 1990. O’Connor has also taught for more than ten years in law schools in the United States and abroad, writing articles on habeas corpus and terrorism. He is co-author of Plowshares and Swords: the Economics of Israel’s Occupation of the West Bank. He currently works as an attorney with the Mexican Capital Legal Assistance Program, representing the Government of Mexico in assisting Mexican nationals who have been accused of capital crimes.
January 10th, 2007
An experienced capital defender makes the case against Saddam's execution
The morning Saddam Hussein was executed, my wife warned me not to go on the internet. Of course, I soon went online, but instantly knew I should have heeded her advice. Pictures of Saddam’s execution were everywhere. The images depressed and profoundly saddened me. The emotions were no surprise, but their depth and duration were. I have wondered since that morning why I remain so troubled by the execution of a man who unquestionably was a thug, a mass murderer and a war criminal. I have spent the past sixteen years representing people on death row and teaching students about the death penalty. My opposition to the death penalty stems, in large part, from my Catholic belief in the sanctity of human life. Of course…
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