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Michelle Gahee writes from Los Angeles.
September 12th, 2003
From Tourist to Journalist on the Caribbean Island of Antigua
Recently I took a trip I approached with both anticipation and dread . The marrying kind “We’re getting married,” my friend Kay had said when I picked up the phone. Before I could utter a word, I found out the location was Antigua . And any thought of begging off and just sending an extravagant gift to compensate immediately vanished. Lately burn out and health issues had taken me out of the realm of the harried frequent flyer. The Caribbean was the perfect destination get me to shed my new land-lover ways. My fascination with the West Indies goes way back. Unlike other places I’ve traveled, the ease and familiarity I feel there is wondrous to me. I like to think it’s my ancestors welcoming…
September 7th, 2003
The Unexpected Trail to Peace
I didn’t know it would be Las Vegas—I didn’t know at the time the capital of sin would give me back my sanity. Code ex-boyfriend blueI guess I couldn’t know this because I wasn’t personally aware my sanity was missing. I didn’t learn this until after the fact when friends assured me that yes I was going a little nutty but only to a level that was slightly amusing to them, since I’m usually the rational one of the bunch. On their disaster threat level chart my wackiness was only a code blue since the cause of my temporary insanity was basically a man. Or more appropriately the lack of one particular man in my life and my constant wavering on whether he should be let back in…or continue…
August 1st, 2003
From the Supreme Court to L.A.'s Inner-City Schools
This summer seeping through the quagmire of continuous news coverage of disappearing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the latest J.Lo and Ben antics was news on the ongoing skirmishes over affirmative action. But lost in any discussion was one of the root causes of low minority educational achievement—the abysmal state of public education in the United States. Split decision—splitting hairs?In late June the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of affirmative action as applied to the University of Michigan law school admissions policy—but struck down its undergraduate policy. Why the difference? Well the court reasoned that the undergraduate program used quotas in determining admission…
February 6th, 2003
Working on My Own from Project to Project
For most Americans work means a steady 9 to 5 gig with benefits. But the benefits of a weekly paycheck and health insurance often come with the price tag of long, traffic-clogged commutes, unfulfilling work, and tiresome co-workers. Work and my fatherBut so what? as my father would say. Who ever said work was supposed to be fun and fulfilling? Get a hobby if you want fun. My father came of age in the Depression years of the 1930’s—I was his surprise child, born when he was almost 50. For my father, money—which provided the means and ability to take care of his family—was the most precious commodity. It was never a question of what kind of work you wanted to do. The best job was the most stable and well-paying.…
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