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Morgan is an undergraduate student at Fordham University looking to get her degree in marketing. She's a New Jersey native and loves working and going to school in New York City. She hopes to one day live in New York City in between frequent trips abroad.
August 19th, 2014
A guide to getting along with roommates the first year of college

Ah, the beginning of freshman year of college. The living situation is dreaded by students and parents alike: parents because of empty nest syndrome, and students because of roommates. In all honesty, new college students will not be living on their own; they’ll be sharing their space with one, two, even three people at school. Dorm life does not stop at sharing physical space; it grows into sharing time (waking up, going to bed, watching TV), sharing responsibilities, and sharing personalities. Living with people means getting along with others in the most extreme sense: you are literally coexisting with someone else. It may seem like a lot to process, but do not fret! Busted Halo® interviewed Vickki Massy,…

June 18th, 2014

If you’re looking for this summer’s most action-packed blockbuster, then you should not see The Fault in Our Stars.… But if you’re looking for a movie with a little more depth than just superheroes, explosions, and gunfire, then you should get to the theater now. And based on the box office numbers, you won’t be alone. Warning: Bring an entire box of tissues. (I made the mistake of leaving mine at home and was left with the back of my hand.)
The film adaptation of John Green’s famous novel follows 16-year-old Hazel Grace, who suffers from cancer that makes breathing difficult. She carries around an oxygen tank and must wear a tube around her face everywhere she goes. Though reluctant, she attends a weekly

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