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Nicholas Perkins is serving an internship preparing for the priesthood in New York City.
March 21st, 2003
A Gulf War Veteran's Notes on Faith and War
There was nothing glamorous about watching missiles explode or about seeing an F-14 Tomcat smash into my ship’s stern on its final approach. The Kitty HawkThe United States Navy aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk exceeds 1,000 feet in length and displaces 186,000 tons. She is a floating city that contains 5,000 men, each trying to escape the monotonous schedule a ship maintains to ensure peace or fight war. A faith dimension in your life is necessary to forget about a daily regimen that is emotionally and spiritually demanding. This present war has caused me to remember my time in the Persian Gulf onboard Kitty Hawk, a ship that’s capable of launching four bomb-laden aircraft simultaneously from steam-operated…
December 25th, 2002
The Pressures of the Holidays for Recovering Alcoholics
Many people have mixed emotions about the holidays. Families separated the entire year are thrust together again under difficult circumstances. Old wounds and resentments resurface. Relatives with whom we have limited contact and conversation suddenly appear in Aunt Sherry’s kitchen on Christmas Day. Siblings tolerate each other while distant parents and relatives share superficial small talk. Such situations and family gatherings can be particularly challenging for people who practice twelve-step recovery programs. And doesn’t it seem like everyone wants to hand you a drink? Get thee to a meeting The recovery program of which I am a member is Alcoholics Anonymous . I find it necessary…
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