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Rosita Arvigo is a natural healer based in Belize. Her books include: Sastun: My Apprenticeship With a Maya Healer, (with Nadine Epstein); Rainforest Remedies: 100 Healing Herbs of Belize, (with Michael Balick); and Rainforest Home Remedies: The Maya Way to Heal Your Body and Nourish Your Soul, (with Nadine Epstein).
January 12th, 2010
Becoming a spiritual healer
As a natural healer, I noticed that some clients got well in a reasonable amount of time while others, even though they might have the same complaint and receive the same treatments, never improved. This was a conundrum for me until I met Don Elijio Panti. In 1982, my family moved to Belize and I began searching for a local healer to teach me about the medicinal plants of my new home. Everyone I asked said, “You have to go see Elijio Panti in San Antonio.” Don Elijio, a traditional Mayan healer, was already ninety years old when we met. It took a full year of visits to his stick and thatch clinic in the Maya Mountains of Western Belize before he agreed to teach healing to a gringa. Over the next twelve years, he taught…
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