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Sara Murphy lives in Manhattan with her daughter. She is currently writing a memoir about adopting Vanessa from Haiti.
January 11th, 2011
On the anniversary on the Haiti earthquake, a reflection on the devastation and the hard road back
While putting away the Christmas decorations, I came across my daughter’s letter to Santa. Most of her list contained items typical for a 6-year-old: bike (check), dollhouse (check), The Polar Express DVD (check). But the last item gave me pause. A month ago, when she was writing her letter, she asked me how to spell “hotel.” “Why?” I asked. “Because I want to ask Santa to build a new hotel in Haiti.” In 2006, I left New York City and my job as an attorney at a law firm and moved to Haiti to teach for a semester, hoping to find fulfillment in a new career. Just as quickly as I learned that teaching was not my passion, I found another unexpected calling. I fell in love with an orphaned…
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