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Tara Ramroop is a San Francisco-based, freelance reporter who contributes to a handful of travel, culture and lifestyle publications and websites including Planet Magazine and vezeo.com. She wrote daily local and regional news in California on a wide range of subjects--including government, business, the University of California, religion and travel--from 2001 to 2007.
February 2nd, 2009
The growing trend to tattoo your faith on your sleeve
Eyes of friends and strangers alike immediately fall to the arm, the shoulder, the back, or perhaps even to the unnaturally elongated earlobe – sometimes a question follows, sometimes it doesn’t. The tattooed and the pierced have signed up for it all, deeming a stamp of meaning or originality worth the cost, the pain, the permanence and the perpetual need to cover their artwork for job interviews. As tattoo shops spring up in suburbia and as tattoos become standard fare in offices, researchers and industry professionals are finding many willing to go under the needle do so in the name of some god. In many other instances, they do so in the name of their own personal philosophy of faith. “Anecdotally,…
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