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Terry Golway is a New Jersey-based writer who covers New Jersey politics for the New York Times and New Jersey Monthly, he's also written for America and Catholic Digest.
October 23rd, 2004
The Rise and Resignation of NJ Governor Jim McGreevey
You couldn’t have a conversation of any depth with New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey without hearing nostalgic stories about his Catholic school childhood. Born in Jersey City, the son of working-class Irish Catholic parents, McGreevey had a childhood many Northeast Catholics would recognize. His family left the old neighborhood in Jersey City for the promise of the suburbs, and young Jim went to St. Joseph’s High School in Middlesex County, where the post-war housing and highway boom in central New Jersey took shape. Eventually, he received a law degree from Georgetown University. He also has a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and a master’s in education from…
October 12th, 2004
When will Democrats realize they have them too?
“By dismissing the values debate as unworthy of a modern, diverse nation, liberals have allowed conservatives to define the issue. And they’ve defined values as the three G’s: God, guns and gays. Not a word about justice. Not a word about equality. Not a word about war and peace. Not a word about our obligations to the needy, to the disabled, to the sick, to the least among us.” As Democrats contemplate their seventh presidential defeat in the last 10 tries (a record that would have prompted heads to roll if George Steinbrenner were in charge), analysts have decided that John Kerry lost not to W but to V, as in values. The President, it is being said, clearly is more in tune with American values.…
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