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In addition to being the author of numerous books, William J. Byron, S.J., was president of The Catholic University of America 1982-1992. From 1992-2000 he was the Distinguished Professor of the Practice of Ethics at Georgetown University. He is currently the president of St. Joseph's Preparatory School in Philadelphia.
August 10th, 2007
A Formula for Success in College
Any beginning, returning, or second-chance college student can find the key to academic success on a single 8½ by 11″ sheet of paper. If you are a concerned parent, you can pack that sheet in with all the other gear your offspring will be carrying away to college within a week or two. This sheet of paper is called a “study budget.” If you are a student, it is a paper to be filled in by you. And, if followed, it becomes a reliable roadmap to a college diploma. There may be other students in your class with higher IQs, fatter bank accounts, wider travel experience, and more impressive secondary school credentials than you have, but no one has more days in the week or hours in the day than you. 24/7 means…
April 25th, 2007
Reflections on Virginia Tech and the importance of campus ministry
Ever since the Columbine high school massacre in 1999 and the Washington, DC Beltway sniper attacks of 2002, “lockdown” is a word that’s been lifted out of the penitentiary lexicon and dropped into student handbooks across the nation. When shots are heard, go immediately into a protective lockdown mode and await further instructions from authorities. But how do you lock down a sprawling campus? How do you make hundreds of campus buildings, replete with entrances and exits, safe from armed attackers or hidden bombs? Is there any defense against malice and, if there is, how can you tell if and when it’s coming? Wondering Why? It is malice, by the way, that was operative in the Beltway snipings,…
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