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March 6th, 2014

BARBARA — DAY 2: Thank You, Mary Beth

40 notes to 40 people in 40 days


Mary Beth (second from left) and her three children. (Photo credit: Nylagray Photography)

Mary Beth (second from left) and her three children. (Photo credit: Nylagray Photography)

Thank you.

Two words that we say often, and yet, maybe not enough. When someone holds a door or hands you your change in the grocery store. Thank you for that gift, smile, compliment.

My husband and I wrote a lot (A LOT!) of thank you notes around the time of our wedding in 2012. I haven’t written many since.

So, today (and tomorrow) — thank you notes. Today: Thank you, Mary Beth. Last week my good friend Mary Beth invited me to a party at her apartment to celebrate one of her good friends, Angelique. Angelique is a kind and passionate person. She runs the after school program at a public middle school in New York City. The principal from her school and a friend who is a jazz singer serenaded Angelique at the party. I’ve spent time getting to know Angelique at other Mary Beth parties and also at the after school program when I substituted for Mary Beth who was teaching a creative writing class.

The party reminded me just how important it is to say “thank you” to the amazing people in our lives. You see, it wasn’t Angelique’s birthday, a special anniversary, or milestone. The party was simply to celebrate the wonderful person she is. No holiday necessary. “Being Angelique” was the special occasion.

Thank you for the invitation, Mary Beth. And for showing me the meaning and gift of saying “thank you.”

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