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December 17th, 2010

Lying for Love


lying-for-love-flash2I’ve blogged about how it’s easier to lie via email than it is when writing an old-fashioned paper-and-pen note, so it’s probably not surprising that, when you want to attract a mate in online dating, people fudge a bit to make themselves look more appealing. But according to a new study, some 90% of people lie in their profiles. Man, I’m glad I’m married.

Men inflate their height, women deflate their weight. From this graph, (read the whole study here-PDF) though, you can see people aren’t lying by much. Just a hair poof here and a Spanx-suction there. The worst bit, of course, is that online dating makes these things really matter-i.e. a partner might use height or body type as a search criteria while, if you met that person in at a party, you’d be more likely to gloss over the difference of an inch here and there.

I’m all for honesty, but this may be one area where it’s OK to fib… a bit. Just get offline as soon as you can and meet in person.

The Author : Christine B. Whelan
Dr. Christine B. Whelan is an author, professor and speaker. She and her husband, Peter, and their dictator cats, Chairman Meow and Evita Purron, live in Pittsburgh. Her book "Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women" is available in stores or at the Halo Store.
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  • Russ Ruggles

    Hey, thanks for the mention! Looks like we’re in agreement on trying to meet in person ASAP.

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