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March 3rd, 2010

What is up with Westboro?


I’ve heard in the past about some fanatic church-goers who show up to funerals, to communities of gays, blacks and Jews, and protest their existence. I’ve ignored this news as ignorance, almost laughable. Recently, these same folk showed up outside a Jewish music festival to protest, what else, Jews. Is it just me, or is this ultra bizarre? What kind of faith teaches their members to be racist, full of hate and narrow-minded? And then to go out of their way and march it out? Is this a kind of faith anyone should belong to?

If you don’t believe yet how outrageous this group is, visit their home site, Domain Name: http://www.godhatesfags.com. I cannot make this stuff up.

And here is a photo of a Westboro child holding the signs…

Honest to G-d, it hurts me to even put this image up.

What do you think about this group? Honestly. Is there room for hate and bigotry in religion? What’s their deal? Maybe someone can fill me in.

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  • Tom Gibbons

    I saw these guys in DC when the Pope was coming to town. I usually don;t criticize people for their beliefs, but these people were loony! Behind the shouting, there just seemed to be this emptiness that they somehow believed they would fill by their “holy” denouncement of others. They seem to be an intersection of the comical and the dangerous.

  • cathyf

    The Patriot Riders (motorcycle escorts for military funerals) are a reaction to these scumbags. It’s hard to hear their nastiness over the revving of motorcycle engines, or see their disgusting signs through the array of American flags.

  • L2P2

    They are a money-making racquet that came to both my college campus and a nearby JCC. They provoke opponents, who, stupidly, show up to counter protest. If there is any kind of scuffle, they sue. The best thing is to ignore them.

  • Jen

    Check out San Francisco’s answer to Westboro Baptist Church protest. Kudos to those who emphasize the ridiculousness of hate.


  • Tina

    I can’t even begin to comprehend what motivates such hate within something that was once based on just the opposite, love. I just see it as an example of power, hate, and the worst form of a holier than thou attitude by putting down (hating) particular groups of by making outlandish statements. Is there room for hate and bigotry in religion? There shouldn’t be, but people have made much more than room, in this case it has become the basis of their particular branch.

  • Patty

    Sadly these people came to protest at funerals for people who died in the Buffalo plane crash last February. There were counter protesters here and the Westboro people didn’tlast long in the cold Buffalo weather so they left notlong after they started. I guess their message of hate only lasts until they literally get “cold feet.”

  • jewish chick rocker

    yeah, i went and protested at CBST when they came to protest. Basically 200 of us showed up GLBTQandA Jews and FOJ’s (friends of jews) – and about 4 of them showed up. They had crazy pictures like “you eat your babies” – what the heck does that mean???
    it was almost laughable because we all sang Jewish songs and drowned out their voices, obvs, so it was kind of fun to be around all of those happy singing people…and yet totally disturbing.

    The crazy thing is that they send people (4) which then rallies 200 of our people – do we just ignore it? Do we come out in droves and give them this attention? JCC Manhattan ignored it. CBST gathered a rally. Which is the right tactic to confront hate?

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