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September 2nd, 2014
A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. — David Brinkley


Today, take the criticism of others in stride and try to use it as motivation.

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December 18th, 2009

Sing something that inspires you today. (Embarrassed? Try singing in the shower.)  Also, do something good for someone else — something outside of your comfort zone.…

December 17th, 2009
Joseph Campbell (writer, scholar, 1904-1987)

Reflect today on what plans you have made that might be holding you back.…

December 16th, 2009
Barack Obama

While we’re waiting for Christmas, make an active choice today in your… life to change what needs changing.

December 15th, 2009
Bill McKibben (writer, environmentalist)

Slow down today, take 15 to 30 minutes of your day to really listen or spend time with someone else.…

December 14th, 2009
Kahlil Gibran (writer, poet, 1883-1931)

Take something you see every day and reflect on it’s beauty.…

December 13th, 2009
Morris West (playwright, novelist, 1916-1999)

What’s the most positive thing that happened to you today? Give thanks for it.…

December 12th, 2009
Rainer Maria Rilke (poet, novelist, 1875-1926)

Today face one of the dragons in your life bravely.…

December 11th, 2009

Life isn’t a spectator sport; go out and do something good. (For example, volunteer at a soup kitchen.)…

December 9th, 2009
Henry David Thoreau

Get up earlier than usual tomorrow. We trust you’ll find something good and productive to do with your time.…

December 8th, 2009

Exercise your sense of humor today.…

December 6th, 2009

Refrain from unnecessary talk today and use the quiet time to reflect on what you really want to accomplish this Christmas season.…

December 5th, 2009
Dietrich Bonhoeffer (pastor, theologian, 1906-1945)

What is keeping you from being free? Reflect on how much of your prison is of your own making.…

December 4th, 2009

Eat one meal today and take time to savor it.…

December 2nd, 2009
George Harrison

Recall a moment in your life when you’ve found peace. How can you recapture that today?…

December 1st, 2009
Leonardo da Vinci

Choose not to complain today.…

November 30th, 2009
Charles Dickens

Make a plan today to volunteer with children before Christmas.…

November 29th, 2009
G.M. Trevelyan (English historian, 1876-1962)

Consider what God is waiting for you to do.…

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