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Here’s your chance to help select the next pope with a bracket contest of baptized Catholics, all technically eligible (except for some not being single). Help us figure out: Who should be pope?

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March 6th, 2013

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Habemus falsum papam!
We have a fake pope!

Though voting was tight most of yesterday between the final two Papal Madness competitors, Stephen Colbert ultimately triumphed over His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan by approximately 50 votes, making him the winner of this bracket and naming him Pope Stephen XI (a.k.a. Pope Suburban I, as coined by Fr. Jim Martin, SJ, in a recent Colbert Report appearance.) Now, we won’t get into the specifics of whether Colbert is actually the 10th or 11th pope to be named Stephen, we’ll just congratulate him on his win and wish the Cardinals as much success in their conclave as we’ve had in ours.

Meanwhile, if anyone is interested in knowing how they will truly elect the pope, (and no, it’s not a bracket contest), check out our informative short video.

Thanks for playing everyone! Below is a little wisdom from our new fake pope on the Catholic faith.

Papal Madness Champion:
Pope Stephen XI

01-colbertStephen Colbert is the winner of Busted Halo‘s® Papal Madness tournament. Colbert enjoys the spotlight nearly as …

March 5th, 2013

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Wow. Yesterday’s matchups were not as exciting as the final four should have been, with both Stephen Colbert and Cardinal Dolan tearing through their opponents and thus advancing to the final round of Papal Madness. Does the blame lie with us not doing a better job of seeding this thing (which is actually a lot harder than it looks), or is it the anomaly of No. 4 seed Mark Wahlberg upsetting the Music region and thus not putting up a better showing against the Cardinal? We always figured (and dare we say hoped), that Colbert would advance to the last round, and he (and you the readers via voting) did not disappoint.

And now here we are: The Holy Father Face-Off…

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Today’s showdown is a dream come true for the modern Catholic, Christian, seeker, or pretty much anyone who’s interested in the intersection of faith and (pop) culture, as the Cardinal and Colbert meet up once again. In the one corner we have one of the more …

March 4th, 2013

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It’s Day 5 of Papal Madness and we’re perplexed: Do people really like Mark Wahlberg this much, or are Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney just not as popular as we believed? Meanwhile, the Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Dolan, took Busted Halo‘s® very own Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP, to the cleaners; Stephen Colbert triumphed over Conan O’Brien; and Martin Sheen made quick work out of Jim Caviezel.

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Well, we’ve arrived at the Faithful Four. In the top part of the bracket it should be no surprise that we have our two No. 1 seeds from the Media/Politics and the Hollywood regions facing off as the always hilarious and devout pundit Stephen Colbert takes on beloved Catholic actor Martin Sheen. And in the bottom half it’s No. 3 seed His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan vs. No. 4 Marky Mark Wahlberg. Who will we see in tomorrow’s final matchup? Could it be a replay of the Cardinal and Colbert, or perhaps the stars of …

March 1st, 2013

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pollStephen Colbert absolutely obliterated MSNBC’s Chris Matthews during yesterday’s “Spiritual Sixteen,” with Matthews only getting 4.3% of the total vote — the biggest deficit Papal Madness has seen to date. Upsets of the day included actor Jim Caviezel prevailing over director Martin Scorsese, and the surprising win of Mark Wahlberg over Bruce Springsteen. (How did that happen?!!!) Jesuit fans out there will be sad to say goodbye to Fr. Jim Martin, SJ, who lost to none other than His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan.

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Today’s matchups leave nothing to be desired: Two of the most Catholic actors in Hollywood face-off when No. 1 seed Martin Sheen takes on No. 6 Jim Caviezel. In the Media/Politics region, No. 1 Stephen Colbert goes head-to-head with fellow comedian Conan O’Brien, and No. 2 seed in the Music region, Sir Paul McCartney, confronts surprising 3rd rounder, No. 4 Mark Wahlberg. Meanwhile in the Friends of Busted Halo® region, things may turn …

February 28th, 2013

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Obviously, the big papal news today is that Pope Benedict XVI is resigning at 8pm Vatican City time (2pm EST), so for a quick overview of what’s going to happen next in the real world of choosing the pope, check out our video, “How Do Catholics Elect the Pope?”.

But if you’re interested in the more fun and creative way of doing things, go vote in Day 3 of our Papal Madness bracket by selecting your favorites from the second round of contenders, “The Spiritual Sixteen”.

Yesterday’s matchups held no real surprises, as most of the top seeds from both the Hollywood and Friends of Busted Halo® regions advanced. There was a slight upset when No. 6 seed Jim Caviezel took out director Kevin Smith, but since Caviezel’s claim to fame is portraying the son of God, we probably should have seen that one coming. Despite his best efforts of rallying his readers and friends, Mike Hayes was unable to best No. 2 seed Fr. Jim Martin. The closest race was between two Paulist Fathers, as Steven Bell took on and …

February 27th, 2013

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Papal Madness got off to a terrific start yesterday in Day 1 of our contest. We had some exciting matchups, even though they had some fairly predictable outcomes: top seed Stephen Colbert trounced fellow pundit Bill O’Reilly, Bruce Springsteen destroyed Morrissey, and Sir Paul McCartney routed Eddie Van Halen. It’s been a big week for Canada, first with Ben Affleck’s name drop during his Oscar acceptance speech, and now in Papal Madness with Canadian crooner, Michael Bublé, overcoming the very talented, Jack White. (We’ll see how well Bublé fairs tomorrow against fellow subject of the crown, Sir Paul McCartney.) The closest contest by far was former rapper turned actor, Mark Wahlberg, defeating smooth singer and pianist, Harry Connick, Jr. (Perhaps the voters went with acting talent over musical faculties?) Other winners included Joe Biden over John Kerry, Conan O’Brien over Marco Rubio, and Chris Matthews over Sean Hannity.

And now, Day 2 begins. Head over to our Facebook page now to vote on the Hollywood and Friends of Busted Halo® regionals (see the competitors below). If you don’t see the voting polls …

February 26th, 2013

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Well, it’s that time of the century, where the election of a new pope coincides with March’s NCAA basketball tournament. The cardinals will soon gather for the papal conclave in Rome, most likely to choose someone from within their own ranks to succeed Pope Benedict XVI. However, there’s always the remote chance they look outside of the College of Cardinals for a successor — because technically you don’t have to be a cardinal, bishop or even a priest to be elected pope. Any baptized, single, male Catholic can be chosen, who would then need to be ordained a priest and then ordained a bishop in order to accept his new title as Bishop of Rome.

With that we present you the chance to help select the next pope with Busted Halo’s® Papal Madness, a bracket contest of baptized Catholics, who are all technically eligible to take up the chair of St. Peter (except, in some cases, for that whole being single part…oh well). It’s up to you to help us figure out which of these would make the best papal candidate. …

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