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Follow along as Busted Halo® correspondent Mark Irons & Paulist seminarian Jimmy Hsu, CSP, bring you reflections, videos, photos and more from the front lines of World Youth Day in Rio!

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July 21st, 2013

I often feel like I am trying to recommit myself. Whatever it is — work, relationships, healthier eating, exercise — there’s always room for improvement. Faith is no exception. Have you ever felt inspired to actively live and seek out your faith, but the next minute you feel unmotivated, tired, and ready to throw in the towel? The spiritual journey has been both bumpy and smooth for me. Faith takes discipline. For me it requires a constant recommitment. It’s never too late to hit the path. Instead of tomorrow, now is a great time to start the ultimate journey. It’s a journey in search of God. For better or worse, I decided to pack light and just go. The adventure starts now and it continues down in Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day 2013. Come with me. Keep your eyes on the light. Let’s start the journey. …

July 20th, 2013

World Youth Day Rio 2013 is just weeks away. Want a quick catch-up on everything this event has to offer? Check out our latest 2-minute video giving a brief, yet expansive, lesson on what World Youth Day is, where it’s been held, and what exactly happens there.

And Busted Halo® will be right in the middle of the action! Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP, will be broadcasting live from Rio on Sirius XM radio. Busted Halo® correspondent Mark Irons and Paulist seminarian Jimmy Hsu, CSP, will bring you videos, photos, personal reflections and more from the front lines of World Youth Day! Who knows — they might even bump into Pope Francis, who is making his first global trip as pope to this year’s World Youth Day! So, follow our WYD RIO blog and tune in to The Busted Halo® Show with Father Dave on Sirius XM satellite radio to keep track of all that’s happening at World Youth Day!

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July 9th, 2013
Ready to explore WYD with a video camera

mark intro postI can’t help but get excited when I think about attending World Youth Day 2013. This will be my first trip outside of the United States and Canada, let alone to Rio de Janeiro! What better way to visit a new country than with 2 million fellow young adult Catholics? I don’t think I’ll be lonely! I look forward not only meeting fellow World Youth Day pilgrims filled with joy and excitement, but also hearing about their personal and diverse faith journeys. What does the Church look like in different parts of the world? What gets people really juiced about their faith? Why did they come to World Youth Day? What do they hope to take away? These are some questions I’d like answered.

Of course, because it’s a personal love of mine, I’ll be bringing a video camera to document the World Youth Day Rio happenings.

I can recall going to weekend youth retreats in high school. I would leave feeling spiritually rejuvenated and more empowered to practice my faith. Led by Pope Francis, who is returning to his neck of the woods, I can only imagine World Youth Day 2013 will make for an electric atmosphere. My spirit …

July 9th, 2013

jimmy intro postPaulist seminarian (me) meets World Youth Day (HUGE, global, young adult Catholic gathering). What will happen? That’s anyone’s guess — even mine. I’ve been around the Church for a while, but I have to admit that I don’t know what to expect in a few weeks when I arrive in Rio to work with Mark Irons to bring Busted Halo® readers reports from World Youth Day.

I have never been to a World Youth Day. I haven’t even traveled outside of the United States that much. So for me, there is a lot of excitement and also a tiny bit of fear of all the unknowns that come with international travels.

I’m hoping this experience will strengthen my call to serve as an ordained priest in the Church. About a month after this trip, I will make my final profession, committing myself to life as a Paulist. In a way, I feel that World Youth Day will be preparation for my profession — giving me a final boost before making that commitment. I look forward to meeting other young Catholics who are excited about their faith and sharing our experiences of what it means to be Catholic in today’s world. …

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