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It’s time for another Catholic bracket, this time around pitting your favorite college mascots against each other. You choose: which Catholic school has the best mascot?

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October 12th, 2013

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After six long days witnessing intense competition between 32 of the most ferocious, yet lovable, school mascots, Catholic Mascotology ends with a clear winner rising in victory above the rest. “Petey,” the Canisius College Golden Griffin, claims the title of Best Catholic Mascot.

round5-final-votes2Cousin of the hippogriff, and two animals in one, we feel the Griffin is a worthy beast and school emblem to hold the mantle of best mascot, while also recognizing Petey’s journey was not an easy one. He began the first round by tearing through St. Bonaventure’s Bona Wolf, and went on to face a long lost relative, the Boston College Eagle. Following that, he beat up on the Iona Gael and then the Fordham Ram, but nothing was more difficult than the challenge he faced yesterday. “Iggy,” the Loyola Maryland Greyhound, had proven to be one of the toughest, and by far most surprising, competitors in the competition when in Round 2, in a complete upset, he beat up on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Leprechaun and advanced to face off against the Providence Friar and then the Holy Cross Crusader. Yesterday saw a big back and forth between the Greyhound and the …

October 11th, 2013

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We’ve arrived at the final day and at the final two mascots who will go head-to-head for approximately the next 24 hours to see which one is truly the Best Catholic Mascot.

Yesterday, the Loyola Maryland Greyhound’s speed and ferocity allowed it to outrun and outmatch the Holy Cross Crusader, who, burdened under the weight of his armor, could simply not keep up. The Greyhound sprinted to victory and now arrives at Day Five, slightly sweaty and panting for breath. Will this sleek grey canine have the endurance to keep up with its competition in this final match-up?

That’s hard to say, because when it gets tired of traversing the land on it’s lionesque hindquarters, the Canisius Golden Griffin, the other half of today’s championship contest, has the staggering ability to stretch its great golden eagle’s wings and soar away, possibly to triumph. That’s exactly what it did in yesterday’s match-up against the Fordham Ram, who despite its strength and stubbornness, ultimately lost a super close fight by only 17 votes!

round4-results2One thing’s for sure: all four schools’ backers showed great support for their mascots as more than 18,000 total votes came in. As of today we …

October 10th, 2013

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Down to the big round and no one could have seen these last two match-ups coming. When we started, we figured by this point in the contest it’d be between a drunk leprechaun, a bird, and a couple of dogs; but here we have a motley crue of a final four: a lean, mean, green greyhound; a pillaging crusader; an infinitely reincarnatable ram; and a terrifying, golden-winged, mythological hybrid creature. Oh well, to paraphrase Donnie Rumsfeld, you go to the Final Four with the mascots you have, not the mascots you predicted.

Yesterday, the Loyola Maryland Greyhound continued racing towards the top prize by devouring the Providence Friar (which is too bad, because we were really pulling for a Friar to win a Catholic mascot competition.) With the Friar’s defeat and retreat into what we can only imagine as some kind of lovely mascot solitude, the Holy Cross Crusader is now the only true religious figure remaining amongst the surviving monsters and mongrels. But, is a crusader, one willing to spill blood for religion, really what we want as the winning face of Catholic Mascotology? That doesn’t seem like Pope Francis‘ vision of the Church — …

October 9th, 2013

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Major upset in yesterday’s Day Two of Catholic Mascotology as No. 1 seed, The Notre Dame Fighting Irish Leprechaun, went down under the paws and snarls of the Loyola Maryland Greyhound. Ouch! This could have something to do with the speed and prowess of the Greyhound, but the more likely scenario has Loyola’s win linked to friend of Busted Halo® and former blogger (and Loyola MD alum), Fr. Tom Gibbons, CSP, who has launched his own social media firestorm to bring in votes for the Greyhound. Either way, well done, Greyhound, for bringing down the most famous and recognized Catholic school mascot of the competition. Now, the Greyhound, (and Tom and friends) must face the formidable Providence Friar, whose profile image makes him look more like a dark lord of the Sith, rather than the friendly, Dominican friar he surely must be.

It was a back and forth all day long between the Fordham Ram and the energetic St. Joseph’s Hawk, trading leading position as the day progressed. In the end, the Hawk’s incessant flapping of its wings was no match for the Ram’s brute strength, and the Hawk finally stopped flapping. Now the Ram faces …

October 8th, 2013

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It’s only Day Two and Catholic Mascotology might already have a scandal on its hands. It turns out a non-Catholic college not only made it into the tournament, but absolutely crushed its competition on day one, slyly advancing into today’s Round 2. The Marist Red Fox outsmarted (not only us, but also) Sacred Heart’s “Big Red” the Pioneer and is now the only non-religiously affiliated school out of the sixteen remaining. Though Marist was established by the Marist Brothers in 1929, it transferred ownership in 1969 and is now non-affiliated, though several Marist brothers remain on campus. It looks like we may have a new underdog in this contest…

Speaking of dogs, they didn’t do too hot yesterday. Over half of the canines competing headed to a farm upstate, leaving only 3 remaining with us: the Loyola Maryland Greyhound (which goes head to head against the Notre Dame Leprechaun today); the Gonzaga Bulldog (the only remaining bulldog); and the aforementioned fox.

Meanwhile, the two and a half eagles that began in this tournament are still represented. The Boston College Eagle, the Marquette Golden Eagle and the Canisius Griffin (remember, he’s half an eagle, and apparently named “Petey”) all …

October 7th, 2013

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Busted Halo® is celebrating the new school year with our latest Catholic bracket: Catholic Mascotology — a contest to determine which Catholic school has the best mascot. This bracket features a total of 32 school mascots all competing for the top prize. Though it’s a little Jesuit-heavy with 17 S.J. schools featured (c’mon, they founded a lot!), Catholic Mascotology also includes diocesan, Dominican, Franciscan, Vincentian, Augustinian, Marianist, Marist, and many other types of colleges and universities, as well as a variety of different animal and creature representations. There are 10 humanoids, 7 canines, 5 birds, 1 feline, and an assortment of others including a stag, a storm, a blob, and a biliken, a demon, a badger, a ram and a griffin. Oh, and one dolphin.

Obviously, everyone knows of Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Leprechaun, but we challenge you to look a little deeper at the artistry and imagination (and history) that have gone into many of these mascots. If this tournament proves not to be a mere popularity contest, but rather a compelling competition where you, the voter, takes in the creativity and drama of these iconic figures, then Notre Dame (who is top-seeded, btw) may not …

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