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Daily Jolt
January 16th, 2012
Animals have these advantages over man: they never hear the clock strike, they die without any idea of death, they have no theologians to instruct them, their last moments are not disturbed by unwelcome and unpleasant ceremonies, their funerals cost them nothing, and no one starts lawsuits over their wills. — Voltaire


Today, enjoy a simple pleasure.

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  • Rev. Dr. Michael Weissman

    I do not know if you are talking about dogs or all animals in general. But I do know my dogs here my clock go off(lol). And as far as them dying without any idea of death? Seems to me you never had any dogs as pets, when they are ill and on the trail to puppy heaven they will stay outside in freezing cold knowing they are at deaths door. They may not know their last moments because we as their owners will not let them suffer and we will put them down. I think the only thing you are correct in is the cost of funeral ceremonies, and lawsuits. Although some of us have funerals for our pets, as we believe that God has sent these Angels to be on earth with us for awhile

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