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November 29th, 2011
I had all the presents back at my apartment, I was halfway through wrapping them, and I realized, “Damn, I used the wrong wrapping paper.” The paper I used said, “Happy Birthday.” I didn’t want to waste it, so I just wrote “Jesus” on it. — Demetri Martin

MICROCHALLENGE: Keep in mind whose birthday we're looking forward to, and donate a toy to a charity like Toys for Tots or to a gift program at your local parish.

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  • Melissa

    Just got an e-mail from Ms. Wheeler – looks like I wasn’t entering more than once. I’m glad and hope this won’t stop anyone from continuing to visit… Having the Advent Calendar itself is a prize on its own! :) Happy Advent!

  • Barbara Wheeler

    Sorry for any confusion! You will only be able to enter once each week for the giveaway. Once you’ve entered you can still share the contest (and the calendar) with your friends. We hope you continue to enjoy the Busted Halo Advent Daily Jolts and MicroChallenges!

  • annika

    i agree with all that i was not able to enter my information for the raffle. is this a mistake?

  • Daniel

    I’m still experiencing the same problem, it looks like you can’t enter again, but as with Busted Halo’s Lenten and Advent calendars in the past, you were able to do this. Melissa, I see the same dark green box and no place to enter your info again for the contest. Anyone know if this will be fixed soon? I still find the daily jolt and micro challenge inspiring.

  • Melissa

    So is no one else seeing the dark green box? I’m going through this logged in to Face book and have a small square available for entry, but it’s not an ideal environment for data entry. What I’m seeing is a forest green box right below the Microchallenge that has a smaller box with only a part of the entry page available. You kind of have to scroll around it to find the places to put information. It looks like a window that is too small for the information that needs to go into it. But again, I’m logged into this through my Facebook page. If I wasn’t, not sure what I’d see. I hope this helps some of you. If you’re not seeing the green area between Microchallenge and the donate now box above, then I really don’t know what is up. Sorry.

  • Sharon Denning

    Phil Rose posted a comment yesterday that the software doesn’t allow multiple entries, yet the contest instructions suggest submitting an entry each day to increase chances of winning the Grand Prize. I participated in the Busted Halo Lent Calendar earlier this year, and we submitted daily entries. I don’t understand what’s going on with your Advent calendar.

  • James Radloff

    What a GREAT idea!!! Wrapping Christmas gifts with birthday paper might remind those who receive and unwrap the gifts what the day is really about.

  • Lisa

    Our kids’ schools also have programs to help bring Christmas cheer to needy families right here in our own community. Our kids love to bring Jesus’ love to other children by shopping for Christmas gifts.

  • Daniel

    This is the 2nd day that I am unable to enter my information to enter the Advent Calendar on BustedHalo.com. Anyone know why its not showing up?

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