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October 28th, 2009
Dennis Hopper recites “If” by Rudyard Kipling


Reflect on the poem and what it means in your life.

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  • Luzia

    I’m gvinig up dessert for Lent and when I say dessert, I mean ice cream, milk shakes, cookies, cakes things of that nature. I’m NOT gvinig up having an after-inner snack (like fruit or granola) because that is part of how I get my calories for the day. Some people think that’s hypocritical, but I disagree. Dessert isn’t a meal (to me), it’s a type of food (ice cream, not fruit). Anyhow I did it last year, so I can do it again this year!! Also, I need to get in shape, and what better way than to give up dessert for 40 days!! I’ll look fab at your wedding! Good luck with your Lent!

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