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March 7th, 2010
Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you. — Saint Augustine

Fast: Get up an hour earlier than normal today.

Pray with thanks for your job if you have one and pray for those who do not have one.

Give the extra time you have to someone for whom you might otherwise be “too busy.”

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  • Kim

    As a fellow christian, I make mistakes all the time. I think this calendar is a wonderful addition to my lent activities. Today’s fast, although unfortunately impossible, did let me identify with the “feeling” I get when I can’t be perfect…and allowed me to practice forgiving myself for things that are out of my control.

    Thanks again for a wonderful opportunity to identify something that comes between me and God. I would never have thought of it without today’s fast.

  • Kealey

    To be entirely honest, it’s Sunday… I wake up early every Sunday to go play guitar with the choir. I have to be there an hour before mass in order to practice with them so I am going to look at this as succeeding even though I wasn’t aware of the challenge until now…

  • http://billmcgarvey.com/index.html Bill McGarvey

    Good points here. I agree that applying this to tomorrow is a good idea. Sorry for the confusion.
    Bill McGarvey

  • Cathy

    Can’t you just read today’s post as one that you will use tomorrow? For example, get up an hour earlier tomorrow?

  • Missi

    I agree with Lindsay. I think that perhaps you should be able to check the calendar 24 hours in advance, so that you can plan for the challenge of the next day. For example, even if I had checked at midnight, it would have been hard to get up an hour earlier because I didn’t go to bed an hour earlier.

  • Lindsay

    This is unfortunately similar to the “avoid dairy today” challenge. I was one of the people who checked the calendar while eating a bowl of cereal, and now, I’ve also failed another challenge by simply getting up on time instead of early. In today’s case, most FPG participants will get up and then check the calendar. How are you supposed to know to get up early unless you check it before bed (which defeats the purpose of a calendar)?

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