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February 22nd, 2012
The whole Christian life is a life in which…the more we progress, the poorer we get so that the man who has progressed most, is totally poor — he has to depend directly on God. He’s got nothing left in himself. — Thomas Merton

FAST from eating one meal today.

PRAY for the realization that you are not in this all alone and for the strength to depend on God alone.

GIVE the money you would have spent on that one meal to a homeless person on the street, or go out of your way to give it to someone in need.

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  • Margaret Yannucci

    Thank you for this calendar. What an inspiration

  • manuel montoya

    Live to give!

  • Cheryl

    This calendar captures the essence of Lent. It is an inspiration. Thank you.

  • Jean

    Thamks for starting us on our lent journey, the calander will help

  • Virginia

    Thought you might be interested in this. Enjoy!

  • Lynne D

    What a wonderful treasure to add to my daily devotions, during Lent. God’s abundant blessings to all during these 40 days!

  • Terry Powells

    LOVE the Lenten calendar and the Ash Wednesday videos. Many thanks!

  • Jeanne Goessling

    Blessings on your Lent

  • Lori Winterhoff

    Beem reading Merton’s “Dialogues with Silence”. Thanks for helping deepen my prayer walk with him even more.

  • Sister Jeanne

    Here is a daily practice for lent! Blessings as you journey this year!

  • Sister Jeanne

    Blessing on your lent!

  • Diane Witherspoon

    This calendar will be helpful in my spiritual life for the next 40 days. My daily reading will be supplemented and make me more mindful of what it’s all about! Thanks, diane

  • Agnese Bartlett

    Excellent website and service to all!! Thank you so very much. I plan to come here every day during Lent. :)

  • Amanda Moore

    This is my first year to practice Lent. The calendar is a great aid!

  • Amy M

    Happy Lent!

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