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March 10th, 2012
I have struggled with this call to vocation all my life. I can understand why people have doubts, because who understands God? I don’t. When you are dealing with something at this level, you are dealing with mystery. — Sister Dolores Hart

FAST from trying to impose your will ahead of God’s will.

PRAY for discernment of your calling in life.

GIVE $5 to the National Religious Vocation Conference which supports vocations nationwide.

(To learn more about Sister Dolores Hart, read this recent review of God Is the Bigger Elvis, a short documentary film about her.)

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  • Patrice Tuohy

    Dear Busted Halo: Thank you so much for recommending the donation to the National Religious Vocation Conference, which publishes VISION Vocation Guide, VocationNework.org, and VocationMatch.com.

    We were thrilled to receive the donations.

    I have a confession to make, however. When the donations began coming in all of a sudden, I thought it was some error, and that perhaps people’s credit cards had been compromised. I contacted the donors, and eventually learned of your wonderful promotion of our ministry.

    One of the donors even offered to double his contribution based on our concern for his credit card security. That’s how generous your reader/listeners are!

    So thank you again, Busted Halo, for the great work you do for the church.


    Patrice Tuohy
    Executive Editor, VISION Vocation Guide

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