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March 13th, 2012
Who you pray to, how you pray, how you come close to God is between you and God. — Newt Gingrich

FAST from judging others based on their religion (or lack of religion.)

PRAY a deep personal prayer to God based on how you are feeling at that moment (if you’re sad, pray sad; if you’re angry, pray angry; if you’re thankful, pray thankful)

GIVE a $5 donation to the Stephen Colbert SuperPAC, “Making a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow,” which through humor and wit is teaching many twenty- and thirtysomethings about the ways our current political election system is set up and being run.

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  • Shngz

    Umm, guys, I think you need to lighten up and take this in the spirit it was intended. I think it’s awesome that FPG draws from all sorts of sources to provide food for thought and inspiration. As for the SuperPAC contribution thing – no one’s forcing you to do anything, nor is it any endorsement of anything – it’s just pointing to one of the many interesting and varied ways that political and social thought is expressed in the U.S. (which should be something that we as Christian’s care about) Give your $5 to the poor box – I agree, that would be a better cause, but in the meantime, lighten up :D

  • Jane K

    Barbara – you clarified why you used a quote from Mr. Gingrich, but you did not address why you advocated the donation to Colbert’s SuperPac? Is there something I am missing? Busted Halo does SO MANY Positive things…and I am a HUGE Fan and share your site often- although I am way over your targeted age group! Inspiring people to put $5.00 in a poor box or drop it off to a food pantry or homeless shelter….but Colbert’s Super PAC was tongue in cheek notion that he formed to directly challenge a supreme court ruling on the role Super Pacs may have in the political landscape. It is such a curious choice??? I was hoping you would respond to why it was suggested…even if you respond directly to my e-mail that is required for this submitted comment.

    Again, I applaud Busted Halo for all you do- but I just would like to better understand how and why you selected that cause. Thanks!

  • Jack K

    I agree with Jane K. I am not a fan of Colbert (I know he does a lot of good for the Church) but I don’t think endorsing him is the way to reach 20 somethings. I am sure there are some 20 somethings who support the good works of Bill O’Reilly but I don’t see a donation for his causes being promoted. Busted Halo should stay out of the business of politics.

  • Barbara Wheeler

    Busted Halo likes to select people for our Lenten Calendar and Daily Jolts who are related to current events and might not be from expected sources. While using this quote isn’t an endorsement of Mr. Gingrich, Busted Halo wants to be at the intersection of faith and culture and provide a place where we make connections between faith and what’s going on in the world around us. So, you’ll see quotes from people like Meryl Street, Sr. Delores Hart, and Barack Obama, too.

  • YoV

    I was a big fan of this website until the quote from Newt Gingrich. It is unfortunate that politics always seems to permeate into religion. In an election year it is polorizing to so blatently support a candidate.

  • Grace Seitzer

    I do not wish to be associated with a site that uses religion to promote a poitical agenda. I am very distressed that you have decided to recommend support for any candidate, especially urging financial support.
    That does it for me; remove my name from your mailing list.

  • Jane K

    I am a DAILY visitor to Busted Halo and was actually saving up for a contribution to your wonderful site…but I am really disheartened to see your Lenten Challenge of the day advocating for a donation to the Colbert SuperPac. Granted you are only recommending $5- but what good works does Busted Halo see Colbert’s SuperPac doing in Society that warrants you plugging for them? Why wouldn’t Busted Halo advocate something like- drop $5.00 in the “Poor Box” of any local Church? Colbert is a comedian and his intentions of starting this SuperPac are tongue in cheek. He basically started it in protest to a Supreme court decision on SuperPacs. I am wildly disappointed in Busted Halo’s stance on this- and am hoping someone there takes the time to explain to me why you’re supporting this “cause’. Thank you.

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