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February 17th, 2013
I could never believe in a God who didn’t suffer – given the suffering of the world. I could never believe in a God whose chief characteristic was his power, not his goodness. And because my God is a God of goodness, his chief characteristic is not peace but pain. — William Sloane Coffin

FAST from one meal today.

PRAY for the suffering of people around the world.

GIVE attention to a global issue of suffering by learning more about it. Listen to Catholic Relief Services’ World Report podcasts or go to another world news source to become informed on global issues.

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  • bragg578

    William Sloane Coffin? Liberal clergyman and staunch gay rights activist? Initially, i was glad to have found BH, but you clearly have a liberal agenda not in full communion with THE Catholic Church. While his quote above is thoughtful, when we look at the full lenten calendar you have put together, we see very little spiritual teachings that are orthodox. We see a lot of secularism there, as is as sprinkled throughout this site. It is a pity; this is a great place to do Christ’s work according to His teachings and through the Catechism.

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