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February 21st, 2013
Faith is like stepping off a cliff and expecting one of two outcomes — you will either land on solid ground or you will be taught to fly. — Hillary Rodham Clinton

FAST from using Facebook today.

PRAY by reading Isaiah 40:28-31 and reflecting on what these verses say to you.

GIVE a handwritten note to someone who needs encouragement today.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/liz.h.losey Liz Hadden Losey

    That quote is a paraphrase of a quote from St. Francis DeSales. Glad he has had some influence (however minor) on our political leaders.

  • Ken

    Why would you use a picture of, and a quote from, Hilary Clinton in your e-mail newsletter? She has a public track record of being a rabid pro-abortion advocate who used her influence at the UN to promote anti-child, anti-family policies. Why would you wish to mislead young Catholics by giving her credibility? Surely a quote from Catholic saint would be a much better choice.

    • bragg578

      THANK YOU! Glad someone has their head on straight here! Liberal Catholics…smh…

    • susanhdixon@hotmail.com

      I, too, cannot believe that you would use ANY quote from HER. If this is a paraphrased quote from St. Francis DeSales, then why wasn’t HE quoted instead? Hillary is about as anti-Christian, anti-Catholic as one can get.

  • Erin Mary O’Connell

    This kind of faith statement makes my heart lighter on a heavy-hearted day!

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