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October 24th, 2012
Sometimes questions are more important than answers. — Nancy Willard


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  • Kevin

    Jesus himself told the Apostles that many from all religions will be found in Heaven. He said, “There are many mansions in my Father’s kingdom. I would have td you of this were not so.” Paraphrased. On another occasion, Jesus turned to the crowd after hearing the pagan Roman Centurion’s statement of faith and proclaimed, “Did you hear that? Nowhere in Judea have I heard such faith!” Paraphrased. Jesus was well known and publicly criticized for fraternizing with sinners and outcasts. Did He accept them? Of course. Did He welcome them? Of course. Will He in the next life? Of course.

  • Kevin

    Questions are where you are
    Answers are where you are going
    Experience is what lies in between .

  • Clara

    Why is it that other people from other religion are not considered saved, even if they are good people? I cannot wrap my mind around this, because, if we believe in a loving and forgiving God, why is it so important to believe in Jesus? Why is it not just enough to do right by humanity to enter Heaven?

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